Adriana Hakes

In 2002, Adriana Hakes was in a serious car accident when the car she was riding in slammed into a telephone pole. Adriana suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting in right-sided paralysis, visual and cognitive deficits. After neurosurgery and stabilization at the acute hospital, Adriana was transferred to Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital for her recovery.

Adriana admits she only remembers small bits of the last few weeks of her two month stay at Spalding. Her days at Spalding were filled with intense therapy to help her relearn everyday tasks like tying her shoes, and walking. As Adriana toured Spalding for the first time since her accident, memories emerged of her days in therapy.

Adriana remembered the first time she left the hospital as part of her therapy to go to a fast food restaurant to practice life skills. “While this seems like a menial task for most, the whole process terrified and overwhelmed me. But after I ordered, paid
and received my food, I was so proud of myself!”

After her rehab at Spalding, Adriana continued her recovery, determined to get her life back. She returned to school, relearned to speak Spanish and is now a mother, owner and show host for a local internet radio station. “I am thankful for my phenomenal recovery,” said Adriana. “I owe a lot of that to Spalding.”