Acute rehabilitation care - like the inpatient services at Spalding - can get patients home earlier and keep them home longer than other rehab facilities. Our highly integrated team of physicians, nurses and therapists, along with a dedicated case manager, develop individualized therapy programs for each patient, from admission to discharge.

And while each patient and program is unique, the goal is always the same: to physically and cognitively prepare patients for home.

Generally, patients must be at least 16 years old and meet a standard set of Acute Rehabilitation Criteria for admission to Spalding.

Acute Rehabilitation Criteria

  • The patient must be able to tolerate 3 hours per day (throughout the day, not all at once) of a combination of skilled therapies (Physical, Occupational, Speech, Respiratory Therapies).
  • The patient must require daily nursing and physician care.
  • The patient must be medically stable, and have functional deficits/needs that can be addressed through rehabilitation techniques.
  • The patient must be anticipated to make progress towards functional goals within a reasonable time frame.

The Patient Experience

Each patient has a private, spacious room with an en suite bathroom. Meals are purposefully taken family-style in our dining room to encourage social interaction, and to keep patients active during their stay. Based on a patient’s tolerance, therapies occur throughout the day and throughout the hospital: patient rooms, the therapy gym, the Life Gym, the rehabilitation apartment, or our outdoor challenge course. We follow low stimulation guidelines for patients recovering from traumatic brain injuries and are home to the only Controlled Stimulation Unit in the state of Colorado.

Expansive Range of Services

Our physical and neurological inpatient rehabilitation services include:

  • Neuropsychological and psychological services
  • Vestibular and balance rehabilitation
  • Swallowing evaluations and treatment