Traumatic brain injury is a complex injury with a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities. The impact on a person and his or her family can be devastating, but not necessarily permanent. Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital has a full range of services for the brain injury survivor. 

  • Spalding’s Brain Injury Inpatient Program is designed for individuals who require 24 hour nursing care, a physician to manage ongoing medical problems and rehabilitative therapies. The program is unique in its approach by utilizing controlled stimulation protocols to manage the early stages of brain injury recovery.
  • The Brain Injury Support Group is also available for ongoing interaction with other brain injury survivors and caregivers. 

Brain injury rehabilitation involves two essential processes: 

  • Restoration of functions that can be rehabilitated to pre-injury levels.
  • Learning how to do things differently when functions cannot be restored to pre injury levels. 

Brain Injury Rehabilitation at Spalding 

Basic skills must be strengthened before more complex skills are added. Practice in various cognitive tasks such as solving arithmetic problems, logic puzzles, practicing concentration skills or reading contribute to cognitive rehabilitation but may not be sufficient enough for a complete recovery. 

Each individual patient’s pattern of functional strengths and weaknesses becomes the foundation for designing a comprehensive treatment program for brain injury rehabilitation at Spalding. Because brain recovery follows patterns of brain development, gross or large-scale systems must develop (or be retrained) before fine systems. Similarly, attention, focus and perceptual skills must be developed (or retrained) before complex intellectual activity can be successful. 

Every individual reacts differently to different therapies, and we pay particular attention to how each individual responds to his or her treatment plan to ensure the best opportunity for success. 

For more information on Spalding’s traumatic brain injury rehabilitation therapies, our facilities or our expert physicians and staff, please call any of our two locations in the greater Denver area or contact us today.