Starting a comprehensive rehabilitation exercise program following a surgical amputation is essential to the recovery process. Returning to the lifestyle to which you or a loved one are accustomed following a surgical amputation can be challenging, but the support of an expert rehabilitation program like that at Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital ensures you never have to take the journey alone.

A comprehensive rehabilitation program following surgical amputation helps patients:

  • Maximize independence
  • Regain productivity
  • Enhance daily living skills 

At Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital, our comprehensive approach to rehabilitation after amputation focuses on post-surgical and prosthetic therapy — ultimately helping our amputation patients reintegrate into their daily activities. 

Benefits to Patients Treated at an Acute Rehabilitation Hospital 

A study by the ARA Research Institute showed amputation patients treated at an acute rehabilitation hospital such as Spalding have better outcomes, including: 

  • Higher levels of functional independence
  • Improved locomotion and activities of daily living 

If you or a loved one is in need of a rehabilitation program for amputee treatment, we encourage you to call either of our two locations in the greater Denver area or contact us for more information.