Visitors are considered an integral part of patient care. For the patient's well-being, we suggest that visitors plan their visits according to the policy and within the general visitation hours. Individual visitation will be at the discretion of the nurse with regard to the patient's condition and the safety of the department.

Guidelines for Visitors

We encourage active participation from family members throughout the rehabilitation process. Family members may be asked to participate in therapy sessions when needed for education, and for practicing skills in preparation for discharge.

Spalding tries not to impose rules regarding visitors, but has some guidelines in place to promote patient safety and to assure a patient's ability to participate in the rehabilitation process.

Patient Safety Guidelines

  • Checking with nursing staff prior to bringing food in for patients, as they may have dietary restrictions or swallowing problems.
  • Visitors should not try to help a patient into or out of a chair, or to the bathroom without prior instruction from staff.
  • Patients/visitors may not bring weapons of any sort into the hospital.
  • Animal visitors must have proof of vaccinations, and no health or behavioral issues that may affect other patients or visitors.

Spalding staff may also recommend a limit to the number of visitors, or length of visits, if the patient becomes too fatigued to participate in their therapy sessions.

For patients involved in our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, Spalding staff may also recommend a modified visitor schedule if the patient is exhibiting signs that they are becoming agitated related to the amount of stimulation in the room.