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Please note that a physician referral and a pre-admission screening is required before we can accept a new patient. An Inpatient Admissions Department Representative is available seven days a week to assist you. Please use the toll free number on weekends.


Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital accepts all third party payor types, Medicare and Medicaid. We are also a participating provider for many managed care organizations and insurance companies.

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Additional Information

If you would like additional information about our programs and services, or to arrange a tour, please call: 303-367-1166 or 800-367-3309.

Inpatient Admission Process

All patients referred to Spalding are treated equally, regardless of race, nationality, religion, disability, or socioeconomic status. A pre-admission assessment is completed and reviewed by the facility's admissions team that includes the rehabilitation physician, nursing manager, case manager, and administrative personnel.

Generally, all patients must meet a standard set of Acute Rehabilitation Criteria for admission. These include:

  • The patient must be able to tolerate 3 hours per day (throughout the day, not all at once) of a combination of skilled therapies (Physical, Occupational, Speech, Respiratory Therapies).
  • The patient must require daily nursing and physician care.
  • The patient must be medically stable, and have functional deficits/needs that can be addressed through rehabilitation techniques.
  • The patient must be anticipated to make progress towards functional goals within a reasonable time frame.

Requests for Rehabilitation Admission Evaluation

A request for evaluation for a rehabilitation admission can be made by anyone: physician, hospital case manager, family member, or other caregiver. Once the referral is received and a physician's order is present to authorize the assessment, the evaluation is completed by one of our rehab clinicians. This includes a review of all current and past medical care that is available, as well as contact with the patient and the family if possible. Insurance benefits are identified, so that the family can be notified of limitations to coverage, copayment requirements, etc. If the decision is made that Spalding is an appropriate facility to meet the potential patient's medical/ rehabilitative needs, the referring agency and the patient/family are notified in order to coordinate the admission.

Spalding staff will contact the staff at their current location, and will coordinate all the necessary arrangements for the patient's transition, including getting authorization from insurance (when necessary), accessing medical records and physician orders, and arranging transportation. The patient or the patient's responsible party must be available at admission to complete the admission paperwork. If not immediately available, our admission staff is happy to utilize fax capabilities prior to admission, to complete all necessary admission documentation.

Age Requirements

Spalding typically admits patients that are 16 yrs. old or older, although we have taken younger patients than that on a case-by-case basis. We have no upper age limit for appropriate rehabilitation patients. Patients who meet Acute Rehabilitation criteria and can tolerate the physically active rehab schedule are eligible for admission.

Case Managers coordinate activities with the patient's school (it is helpful to have school/teacher information from family). Spalding will work with the school to arrange educational support services for the patient during their rehabilitation stay when appropriate. We offer a wide variety of activities that could appeal to all ages. Groups from the community frequently arrange to come in to the hospital to provide entertainment. For the younger patients, we also have video games, air hockey, and movies. Books are available upon request. We include community outings for those patients who are ready for those types of activities in their therapy programs. The inpatient dining area has a big screen TV, and can be blocked off if patients would like to invite groups of visitors to the hospital.

Spalding's Therapeutic Recreation Specialist is often directly involved in the rehabilitation team, to identify age-specific, disability-specific information regarding leisure activities in the hospital and the community.
For patients in our brain injury program, we suggest that the patients/family discuss appropriate activities with the team. Individualized activities can be arranged that will enhance the patient's stay at Spalding without potentially compromising progress in their rehabilitation program.