How Do We Know That Patients Get Better at Spalding?

Progress is measured by using a rating scale called the Functional Independence Measure* (FIM). Therapists and Nurses will ask patients to do a number of everyday tasks and score those tasks on the FIM Scale depending on how much help is needed to do the task.

  • A score of 7 on any item means the patient can do the tasks without any help at all.
  • A score of 1 means that the patient needs to have that task done for them.
  • All of the scores in between are varying levels of assistance needed.
  • The tasks that are scored are:
    • Motor Items: Eating, Grooming, Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Bladder management, Bowel management, Transfers from bed to chair, Transfers to the toilet, Transfers to the bathtub or shower, Locomotion (walking or propelling a wheelchair), Stairs
    • Cognitive Items: Comprehension, Expression, Social interaction, Problem solving, Memory
  • The scoring is done when a patient comes to Spalding, weekly while they are in the hospital, at the end of their stay, and by phone 90 days after they leave the hospital.