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Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital

As Colorado’s first licensed acute rehabilitation hospital, Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital is the region’s premier facility for an expansive range of physical rehabilitation needs. Spalding has served the greater Denver area for more than 45 years, and has two convenient locations that specialize in brain injury, amputee, orthopedic, spine and stroke rehabilitation. 

Our devoted rehabilitation team helps patients return to their functional lifestyles through individually designed programs. We enable patients to reach their goals through rehabilitation programs not only crafted specifically to individual patient needs, but also administered by some of the most highly skilled and trained providers in the Rocky Mountain region. 

Our providers offer an interdisciplinary approach that empowers patients to achieve success. At Spalding, every patient receives three hours of daily rehabilitation care and our physicians oversee patient progress first-hand with daily patient visits. Daily physician oversight or visits and three hours of therapy are Medicare mandated requirements for the Acute Rehabilitation level of care, a level proven to send patients home earlier and keep them there longer by the ARA Research Institute. 

State-of-the-art technology, exercise equipment and a stimulating environment all contribute to Spalding’s high level of care and commitment to patient success. Our comprehensive approach to treatment, from handling insurance to constantly seeking innovative treatment methods, is what makes Spalding more than a typical rehabilitation facility. 

With dedicated physicians and support team, private inpatient facilities and rehabilitation services, Spalding works tirelessly to return our patients to the most fulfilling life possible.

Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital

900 Potomac St.
Denver, CO 80011
(303) 367-1166

Spalding Rehabilitation Unit at P/SL

1719 East 19th Ave.
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 839-6293